Where others go on holiday, young academics climb the first stages of the career ladder.

Mattis Wolff is behind the reception of the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel. Routinely and charming, the 27-year-old solves the guests wishes – always with a smile on his lips. “I like to create solutions that inspire our guests – to organize, to manage. The cognitive challenge is what irritates me. And of course Binz and the island of Rügen – the hotspot for the best beach holiday in Germany, “says the native of the Netherlands. Mattis Wolff is one of the four management trainees at the Private Palace Hotels in Binz.

Management Trainee – This means applying the learned university knowledge in practice and gaining practical experience. “The management trainees are our leaders of tomorrow”, stresses Rachel Armstrong, the Human Resources Manager of the Private Palace Hotels in Binz. “Since the year 2013 there is this program in our houses – we have developed it ourselves. Our experience so far has been positive – many trainees remain as managers in our homes. ”

At these words, Marina Guliev nods. The 27-year-old has been completing the management program for half a year. “After my tourism studies I have been looking for a job that suits me perfectly – at the Private Palace hotels I have found the right place. Here I walk through all the departments and see where my strengths are, ” explains the native Aachnerin, who loves to discover the island of Rügen by bicycle. “I like the different landscapes of Rügen – and of course the sea.”

It looks similar to Maryna Klymenko, who became aware of the trainee program of the Private Palace Hotels on the Internet. “I found the job at Www.hotelcareer.de”, reports the 34-year-old, who graduated in Dresden. “I like to help to see how my help is doing good – service is the most important thing.” Maryna Klymenko feels comfortable at the reception. “But I do not want to go through all the stations until I can get a very accurate picture.”

Nguyen Thi Van Anh first Impressions – the Vietnamese started her management trainee program at the Grand Hotel Binz and is currently collecting experience in the children and youth club of the Arkona & Rugard Strandhotels. “I love life in small towns. I like how peaceful and beautiful it is here. Binz gives me the feeling that everyone has time to look at the flowers, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the sunset on the beach, ” stresses the young woman, adding,” When I see all the staff smiling, I know that they love their work. This is the best motivation for me to work with the most passionate people in the city. ”

Human Resources Manager Rachel Armstrong is proud of her management trainees, who are taking on more and more responsibilities throughout the program. “They have their own projects, they can bring suggestions for improvement and innovative ideas,” she explains. “This is our way into a successful future of the company.”

Applications for a job as a management trainee should be directed by e-mail to personal@arkona-strandhotel.de-For further information, please contact Rachel Armstrong at phone number 038 393 56 841.