In cooperation with Nissan, the Private Palace Hotels in Binz offer their guests a free test drive in the Nissan Leaf.

Explore the island of Rügen with an electric car free of charge in one day: In the summer months of this year, the private palace hotels in Binz, in cooperation with Nissan, offer this exclusive service. Whether in Rugard Strandhotel, Arkona Strandresidenzen or Grand Hotel Binz – our guests can test the Nissan Leaf and experience the mobile future.

The offer is very good for our holidaymakers: A couple from Switzerland visited the Mönchgut Peninsula in the south of Rügen with the Nissan Leaf, from there we went over Bergen to Schaprode and back to Binz. “We drove to the 150 kilometers without any problems. It’s a great driving experience, almost like a nearly silent glide. In addition, the unique nature, the old villages with the beautiful churches – such a ride is highly recommended, “reported the couple from Switzerland.

A brief introduction to the operation of the Nissan Leaf is given to our guests by the hotel staff. Charging stations for the Nissan Leaf as well as for all other electric vehicles of our guests are available at Rugard Strandhotel, Arkona Strandhotel, in the Arkona Strandresidenzen , and Grand Hotel Binz.

The registration for the free test drive is also easy: our guests can simply contact the staff of the hotel receptions and receive all further information.

Since the year 2015, the four Private Palace Hotels in Binz have been equipped with electric stations – both for electric cars and electric vehicles.