Next show-talk rises on December 17th at 8pm at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel.

For years, MDR-presenter André Holst chatted with celebrities at the “Rügen talk” for the good cause. Several thousand euros came together last year alone through the entrance fees. The entire proceeds went to the music school Vorpommern with the regional office Rügen/Bergen, the Volunteer fire brigade Lietzow as well as to the figure Theatre player Birgit Schuster and the F-Junior footballer of the 1st FC Binz.

The young athletes used the generous donation to obtain brand new and high quality training suits for a total of 16 children. “Our boys-and our enchanting kicker girl Emilia from Ukraine-have been very pleased with the handover. This also applies to the numerous parents present, “said the club chairman Ralf Reinbold.

The F-Juniors are born 2008 or 2009 and are trained twice a week by Torsten Drews (Spa administration) and Jens Dietze (physiotherapist). At the weekend there is a point game. “The first games with the new training suits were won,” stresses the club chief.

The next Rügen Talk will take place on December 17th at 8pm at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel. As always, admission costs ten euros. The money flows completely and without deductions into charitable projects on the island of Rügen. Since 1996, talk organiser has been collecting André Holst for associations, families and children for individual life management. The donation barometer has risen to 276 660 euros in Germany.

A special arrangement is offered by the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel at Rügen Talk: for only ten euros extra, guests can put together a dish at the gala Buffet before the event. A soft drink is included in the price.

Tickets for the “Rügen Talk” can be found at the telephone number: 038393 570 or at the reception of the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel, Strandpromenade 59, 18609 Binz