The Private Palace Hotels in Binz on the island of Rügen offer boat tours for this unique spectacle during the holidays on the Baltic Sea.

First, there are small black dots that can be seen in the evening sky. “Are these the cranes,” asks a little boy. “Yes, now they are flying to their sleeping place,” explains his father and his mother: “I’ve never seen anything like this before – indescribably beautiful.”

Cranes on holiday on the Baltic Sea

The outlines of the imposing birds are becoming more and more evident – whole swarms can be seen. A unique experience. The family is watching this nature spectacle on holiday on Rügen. The cranes control the shallow waters in the evening hours – they are the sleeping quarters of these migratory birds during their journey to the South. Around 1000 cranes are to be seen on the island of Rügen this evening. A breathtaking sight.

Until the end of October, the island of Rügen offers crane tours by boat. They always start in the evening hours – either from the port of Breege or from the port of Schaprode.

The staff at the reception of the Private Palace Hotels in Ostseebad Binz are happy to help you find and book the right tour for your perfect crane holiday on the island of Rügen.