The guests of the online travel plateform “Holidaycheck” have exhibited the Private Palace Hotels in Binz top testimonials for the holiday on the Baltic Sea on the island of Rügen. The Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz, the Private Palace Rugard Strandhotel as well as the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel as well as the Private Palace Arkona Strandresidenzen, all of which can be found right on the beach of the Ostseebad Binz, received top marks.

Wellness on Rügen

From a maximum of 6.0 points, the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz brought 5.6 counters and reached a recommendation rate of 95 %. “This is a great compliment and incentive for us to continue offering top service to our guests,” said Grand Hotel Director Markus Wölflik, whose 5-Star houses the best Thai Bali Spa in Europe.

The Private Palace Arkona Strandresidenzen won 5.4 points. This modern designer Apartment Hotel (4 stars) is one of the best addresses for beach holidays on the Baltic Sea.

Holiday in Binz with sea view

The Private Palace Rugard Strandhotel – with panoramic sea view restaurants and a 3000 square metre wellness area of the extra class – received 5.3 points. The 4.5-star hotel offers a gourmet restaurant, which has been honored with a Michelin star. Culinary Pleasures for the holidays in Binz are guaranteed. The Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel also offers a perfect holiday on Rügen. The 4-star hotel was awarded 5.2 points.

Enthusiasm for holidays on Rügen

“We are very pleased about this award. It shows us that our consistent service orientation is the right way to not only meet the expectations of our guests, but to surpass them. Clearly, we want to inspire our guests. And that every day, “said General Director Birte Löhr.