Silvia Wüthrich and Oskar Lehmann visit the Ostseebad Binz for the first time: “We are thrilled.”

Early at five o’clock Silvia Wüthrich looks out of the window of the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel in Binz – she looks out over the Baltic Sea. “This mood, these colours – this is unique”, says the 65-year-old Swiss and radiates happiness. The same goes for her life partner Oskar Lehmann: “If Rembrandt wanted to paint this picture, he would have needed a lot of color. It was such a dreamlike atmosphere with quite warm reds. ” The two spend their first holiday on the island of Rügen. Both stand for a trend: more and more Swiss are moving to the Ostseebad Binz.

The question arises: why are more and more Swiss living on the island of Rügen? The 70-year-old Bernese Oskar Lehmann provides a statement: “I am a member of a Sesameman’s choir, playing the bass harmonica there. The real sailors always swarm from the north and their travels over the seas. And everyone talks very well about Rügen – the island has an excellent reputation. ” He himself was never driven to sea, but the “great water” is still decaying.

“The island of Rügen is fantastic”

His partner Silvia Wüthrich adds: “We often look at the third programs, there is a lot going on the island of Rügen. That’s why I came to taste. And yes, the island is fantastic. ” For both, it is already established: “We will be back. Actually, we wanted to explore a lot more, we’ll pick it up next time. ”

Silvia Wüthrich lets the view glide over the beautiful Baltic Bay. “A well-known traveller has been travelling to Binz for years – twice a year she travels with her family to the island of Rügen by car. She gave us a huge bag of leaflets. There is so much to offer for the holidaymakers. ”

By train to the island of Rügen

Silvia Wüthrich and Oskar Lehmann have chosen planes and trains for their trip to the island of Rügen. “From Bern we flew to Berlin and then travelled directly to Binz with the Ice Express – that was completely relaxed,” emphasizes Silvia Wüthrich. Another alternative for the trip from Switzerland to the seaside resort Binz is the train with the “Sirius” overnight train from Bern to Binz.

You don’t know whether the two will use this opportunity for your coming holiday on Rügen. “But one thing we know very well: the friendliness of the people here on the island is outstanding – just like the Arkona Beach Hotel. Food and service – all the best quality, “says Oskar Lehmann, who affectionately takes his partner on the beach. “What a nice holiday on Rügen.”