Because guests felt homesick, reception manager Raimund Dahmen came up with a very special idea.

As the vernacular says: Only thirst is worse than homesickness. Against both we have funds at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel. A special recipe against the yearning for the homeland was developed by our reception manager Raimund Dahmen. He brought the Mülheim tram to the beach of the Baltic Sea of Binz and thus ensured the perfect beach holiday on the island of Rügen.

What happened? Elvira and Heinrich Nierhaus from Mülheim are currently living in the Private Palace Arkona Strand hotel a wonderful holiday in Binz on the island of Rügen. Heinrich Nierhaus wanted to prolong his stay, but there was a problem. “If my wife does not see the Mülheim tram every now and then, she will be sad,” says Heinrich Nierhaus.

When Raimund Dahmen learned of this dilemma, he came up with the idea: the Mühlheim tram has to go to Binz. A few clicks on the Internet – and he had already found a suitable picture of the public transport. “I then wrote the short phrase ‘ The Mühlheim tram always in sight ‘, says Raimund Dahmen, who was born in Neuss – 33 km from Mühlheim.

“When I gave the lady the work, she almost had tears of emotion in her eyes – Mrs. Nierhaus was immensely pleased. Now the Mülheim tram stands in the room of the family Nierhaus – and nothing speaks more against an extension of the holiday on the island of Rügen “, rejoices raimund Dahmen.