Irish Cream ice cream, chocolate spaghetti ice cream or mon-Chéri ice cream – that doesn’t sound tempting, that’s it too. For many years Ines Raabe has been responsible for the in-house production of the Private Palace Rugard & Arkona Strandhotels in Binz – this year it celebrates its 15th anniversary of its company.

A day without ice – this is not in Ines Raab’s life. “I would be missing something. I try the ice every day before it is served to our guests, “says the 44-year-old and smiles. “We can produce a total of 64 different types of ice.” There’s a variety programmed.

And: There are always new varieties in order to sweeten the holiday in Binz on the Baltic Sea for the guests with further taste experiences. “For Easter, for example, I once prepared ice cream from orange and eggnog – that was a real taste explosion,” recalls Ines Raabe.

The Private Palace Hotels in Binz are committed to consistent quality. “This is ice at the highest level. Our ice cream has the highest level – only the best products are used. This has always been the case – and this will always remain so, “explains Ines Raabe, who initially worked in the service when she entered the Dr. Hutter Hotel Group in the year 2001.

“Then I was looking for a new challenge – and found it with the production of the produce,” says the trained hotel-doctor. “I’m responsible, that’s what I wanted.” With these words, Rachel is nodding Armstrong. “Ines Raabe is bubbling with joy of life – she always sees the positive and cannot be pulled down”, says Human Resources Manager of the Private Palace Hotels in Binz.

Ines Raab’s motto: “Live every day as if it were the last – I like to go dancing, for example. I live life – to the fullest. ” Just one more question: Where does an emperor of the day prefers to spend her holiday? At the North Pole? The mother of a 17-year-old daughter laughs: “No, quite the contrary-I am a sun person and I want to go to the Maldives.”