They are the eyecatchers on the seaside promenade in Binz on the Baltic Sea: The makers of the Sand Sculpture Festival have created wonderful animal works of art in front of the Rugard & Arkona Strandhhotel on the island of Rügen in Binz – and that of sand.

In front of the Arkona Strandhotel is a huge lion for the coming weeks and months – majestically the king of the animals sits in front of our four-star house and looks out over the Baltic Sea and the Binzer Bay. No question: It looks as if the lion holidays in Binz on the Baltic Sea.

Sand, beach and sculptures on the Baltic Sea on Rügen

A holiday on the island of Rügen with seals and the Baltic Sea in view – this could be the title of the second sand art work that the artists created in front of the Rugard Strandhotel. No two opinions: this sand-animal is also an eye-catcher in front of our 4.5-star-house directly on the Baltic Sea Beach.

There are still more sand sculptures to be seen on the Binzer Wiese until November 6th – the credo of the huge Sand exhibition is this year: the Beauties of nature. In white pavilions a huge zoo of sand was created. At 5,600 square meters, the artists created animals from all over the world, including polar bears, crocodiles, kangaroos and seals. And of course also koalas, elephants and giraffes. There is also a trip to the past, where dinosaurs wait for the visitors.

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