Over 200 guests at the Rügen Talk

Press Release

Binz. Over 200 guests have enjoyed the first Rügen Talk of the Jubilee season: for the 20-year anniversary of the charitable event, moderator André Holst greeted numerous prominent guests on sunday evening on his red “speech sofa” at the Arkona Strandhotel in Binz. “It all fits perfectly – as usual,” he said.

This time the show legend Chris Doerk, Joker Leif worked on, entertainer Michael Hansen, fashion designer Sebastian Ellrich, harmonica virtuoso Marco Spiegl as well as variety –
Promoter Dimitrij Sakharov.

Chris Doerk, who was once married to pop star Frank Schöbel, revealed, among other things, that she did not want to write a biography: “People expect me to wash dirty laundry with my ex-husband – I am not. Therefore, there will be no biography. ” Leif worked on had composed a song on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Rügen Talks. Throughout Germany, André Holst has already collected 260 000 euros in donations for charitable projects with his show talks.

The next Rügen talk will take place on May 15th this year. Then the Strandhotel Arkona presents a very special “delicacy”. Guests of the Rügen Talk can enjoy a main course from the hotel’s special menu for only 10 euros – a drink is even included.

Tickets reservations are welcome at the telephone number 038 393/570.

Sincerely, Binz, March 14, 2016
Karsten Lehmann,
Head of Corporate Communications