Anneliese and Werner Geringswald have been living their holiday on Rügen in our Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel in Binz for years – both plan their 25th stay for the autumn.

Anneliese Geringswald affectionately takes the hand of her husband Werner – a picture with symbolic character: The two Berliners love each other – and they love the Baltic Sea and the good Binzer air. “In one and a half years we want to celebrate our wedding in the Arkona Strandhotel,” says Anneliese Geringswald – then both 70 years are married.

“Many ask us what our marriage secret is,” says the 94-year-old Werner Geringswald. His wife (88) gives the answer: “We always looked forward – and rejoiced in the beautiful things of life. Our motto is: Wonderful things will happen – and we want to experience them together. ”

Before the wedding of graces, the two want to celebrate their silver stay in the Arkona Strandhotel in the autumn – then they will spend their 25th time on Rügen in Binz. “We love the fluid in the hotel – and above all the pure and clear air”, emphasizes Anneliese Geringswald. “We always sleep with an open window to hear the murmur of the sea on our holiday in Binz. Just gorgeous. ”

Their iron wedding had already been celebrated at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel. “At that time our granddaughter, who lives in Canada, came here extra,” report Anneliese Geringswald. “She has also made an entry in the guestbook – she loved it so much.”

Family Geringswald appreciates the perfect service at the Arkona Strandhotel. “When I get out of the coach, I am always greeted with names immediately,” says Werner Geringswald. “I always take a deep breath – the sound of the air is very good for me. We always want to do something for our health in our holiday in Binz. ” Both are back on their hands – and enjoy the wonderful time at the Arkona Beach Hotel.