Nine apprentices completed their final exams in the last few weeks – not one of them fell through.

Nine apprentices of the Private Palace Hotels in Binz have made their final exams in the last few weeks. The result: all passed their tests. “A quota of 100 percent – this is an absolute top value and shows how well trained in our hotels,” says director General Birte Löhr.

Both the apprentices in the Private Palace Rugard & Arkona Beach Hotels as well as the trainees at the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz reached top results. Human Resources Manager Rachel Armstrong is very pleased: “Considering that several young skilled workers come from abroad, this performance is not high enough to evaluate. You have to learn not only the technical, but also the German language. We pay the utmost respect. ”

Top service for your holiday in Binz

Seven of the nine apprentices have been taken over as skilled workers in the Private Palace Hotels of the seaside resort Binz. “We are delighted that you feel very comfortable in our houses,” says General Director Birte Löhr. “We want to offer our guests the perfect holiday on Rügen – this includes top service. Quite clear: When the employees are satisfied, they live this top service idea – every day. ”

The Private Palace Hotels in Binz form in the Professions Hotel Kaufmann/Hotel clerk, Cook/Cook as well as hotel specialist/hotel expert.

Training Contact: Hotel Arkona Dr. Hutter E. K., Human Resources Department Ms. Rachel Armstrong, Strandpromenade 59, 18609 Ostseebad Binz, Phone: + 49 38 393-56 841, email address: