On her first day at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel Jana Knoren can still remember well – even if this is already 15 years ago. “I took over the 5th floor back then,” recalls the Hosekeeping Assistant, who is responsible for the cleanliness of the hotel. “I had to grow into the new work first. Many think: I can clean well at home, then I succeed at work too. But that is not so – there are big differences. ”

Once, Jana Knoren had learned to train at the ferry terminal Sassnitz – after the political change in the GDR she sought a new position and found it at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel on the Baltic Sea on the island of Rügen. The new work also brought her new friendships. “Many regulars are almost like a family for me – we keep in touch, make calls or write letters,” says the triple mother. “And when we see each other in the hotel, we hug – I like this cordiality.”

The 50-year-old would not have dreamed that she would take responsibility for housekeeping. “I didn’t think I had it-but it works.” And how – the many positive resonances of the guests speak a clear judgement.

Private Palace Human Resources Manager Rachel Armstrong appreciates Jana Knorens’s way of working: “She is a very collegial person who is always there and never works with me,” she says. “And when Jana Knoren starts laughing, there is no stopping. Your laughter is a legend in our house. ”

With these words smiles Jana Knoren: “I am easy to handle – and always look forward to nice words.” Remained to clarify how much value does the Housekeeping Assistant put on order in their own home? “A certain order is obligatory. And yes, I’ve been chasing the duster through my own four walls. ”

Lastly, Jana Knoren has dared to do something very special. “I flew with a plane for the first time – from Hamburg to Salzburg. I was always afraid of it. But it was great, “says Jana Knoren, who will probably travel more often by plane. “At 50 years of age, life starts to really start.”